EvolveAI Whitepaper

Introduction to EvolveAI

The future of AI brought to social medias
This is the whitepaper of evolveai.site & $EVOAI cryptocurrency. Find relevant information about our different utilities, research about the $EVOAI coin and discover about the aims of our project and our impact in the crypto community
$EVOAI is based on the success of OpenAI's latest release of ChatGPT, recent versions of Stable Diffusion and its massive increase in popularity over the past weeks.
Everyone is using ChatGPT, from worldwide celebrities like Elon Musk or crypto celebrities like Vitalik Buterin to ordinary people who like to share their experience with OpenAI latest takeover of social media. This is where we come in: Instead of using OpenAI's website, which requires account creation and hoops to jump though, we've created our own Social Media bots where everyone can use GPT-3 or Stable Diffusion without ever creating an account or hosting your own client, for free of course
We succesfully pioneered on Telegram and became not only the first AI-bot, but the most used Telegram Bot. Being the first gave us the headstart and allowed for our massive growth and popularity. Our bot is currently used average of 3 times per second, in a total of 12,000+ groups & over 4,500,000 uses since its launch! From crypto users to non-crypto people, everyone uses it in their daily routine. Due to the nature of telegram, users are able to directly share their outputs instantly and without the need to save replies.
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